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Wilderness Skills Weekend

Bow Drill EmberThis weekend course is intended as a follow on or ‘part two’ to the Bushcraft Weekend so if you’ve attended our introductory two day course in the past and found yourself thinking “where do I go from here”, the answer lies ahead...

Although officially this is a weekend course, for those who are keen to hone their shelter building skills and spend the weekend living wild rather than under canvas, you have the option of arriving on the Friday morning for an additional day of shelter building in the woods. There’s no extra cost for this but you must have already attended a Bushcraft Weekend in the past. The course begins proper at the usual meet up time of 7pm for a briefing and evening meal.

The itinerary for Saturday and Sunday builds on experiences and knowledge gained during the Bushcraft Weekend, focussing mainly on camp craft and more advanced wilderness skills. You’ll learn about how to look after and use an axe safely and efficiently,as well as other green woodworking tools such as bucksaw, bowsaw and brace and bit, using them to process green andSpringing Leg Snare seasoned wood for one of your weekend projects, a three legged stool (everything made on the course is yours to keep). We’ll also cover friction fire lighting in more detail with time set aside for everyone to make their own working bow drill set. Trapping can be a controversial subject but learning how to craft a working trap from only what can be found in the woods is a fascinating one. You’ll learn how to make several types of improvised trap.

You will also get the opportunity to develop skills you already have with a wild food challenge. For your evening meal on Saturday you will be given some mystery ingredients (including some wild game for the carnivores). After some wild food revision plus seasonal additions, you will have the opportunity to forage for additional wild edibles to add to your ingredients list and using standard cooking equipment and a campfire (plus your own ingenuity and if necessary, help from the instructing team) you’ll rustle up a tasty meal. In addition to practicing your wild game prep and foraging, this valuable exercise is a great way to learn how to use different campfire arrangements and fuel woods to create different cooking temperatures for a variety of ingredients.Wild Cooking

During this course you will learn and gain practical experience in...

Shelter build day (optional and FREE)

  • Knife handling and carving revision
  • Introduction to the axe, safety, use, maintenance
  • Green wood working introduction – making a three legged stool
  • Constructing primitive traps using local materials
  • Natural cordage and useful knots and lashings
  • Fire by friction – bow drill master class (make your own set)
  • Autumn wild food foraging
  • Ready, steady cookonacampfire challenge

Course begins on Friday morning for those wishing to take advantage of the shelter build day and 7pm on the Friday evening for everyone else.  We'll finish around 3pm on the Sunday.

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2018 Date:

19th - 21st October

Price £225

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