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Wilderness Crafts Workshops

Chisel WorkA series of crafts workshops designed as a private one to one experience or for small groups of up to four people.

Traditional crafts tie in perfectly with bushcraft and survival training and should be viewed as a valuable extension to your knowledge; the next level of an existing foundation of skills. Following the same principles as bushcraft, many traditional crafts utilise natural and renewable resources as their raw materials and can be achieved using simple hand tools. In many cases, the raw materials will come about through your day to day tasks around camp – bark for containers and baskets taken during tree felling, animal hides for clothing, equipment, shelter and bedding taken during the hunt. Learning how to put these by-products to good use helps to complete the jigsaw giving you a genuine depth to your knowledge of bushcraft.

Here’s some examples…

Kuksas and noggins workshopKuksas

Bark baskets and containers workshop

Hide working intensive workshop

Buckskin Moccasin workshop

Spoon whittlin’ workshop

Leather bags and pouches workshop

Back country carpentry workshop

Flint knapping workshop

Basket weaving workshop

Buckskin Duffle BagThe wilderness crafts workshops can be booked as a one to one learning experience, or for small groups of up to four people. Larger numbers can also be catered for. Most are a just a day’s duration but some more involved crafts might take longer to complete. As a private booking, the duration, group size and number of subjects included are entirely your choice (subject to availability). Get in touch to plan your course.


Willow Basket and Birch Bark Containers