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Wilderness Awakening - Five Day Fundamental Course

Woodland Shelter -Debris hutDuring these five days the Wilderness will become your best friend. Plants and trees you once walked past without noticing will reveal themselves to you in the form of food, medicine, cordage, fire, shelter, direction pointers, fresh water indicators and even a never ending tool box. This course balances a wealth of information with time to put the skills into practice. These skills, once mastered and fully understood will always be with you where ever you are in the world.

By the final day you will have learnt how to…..

  • Build a comfortable and weatherproof shelter and bed with no man made materials
  • Light a fire in all weathers using modern gadgets and primitive technology (fire by friction)Firebow smoke
  • Locate water and make it safe to drink
  • Identify and process plants for food and medicine
  • Prepare and cook wild meat on a camp fire
  • Hunt and trap for food by primitive means
  • Pack for lightweight wilderness travel – equipment selection
  • Use cutting tools safely in the outdoors and keep them sharp
  • Carve useful camp gadgets from green wood using knife and saw
  • Make strong cordage and bindings from plant fibres
  • The last 24 hours features a challenging exercise using all of your new skills.  You must light your fire using improvised means, sleep in your finished shelter with no modern sleeping equipment (but hopefully an incredibly toasty fire), carry out a successful simulated hunt to 'earn' your supper, forage for additional wild ingredients, prepare and cook your own evening meal with limited pots and pans and find fresh drinking water.  A fitting end to the course!

Wilderness Awakening

If you were to do only one bushcraft course this MUST be it. The carefully considered content epitomises bushcraft and all the essential wilderness living skills. We put the emphasis firmly on your rapid development over the five days, progressively building your skill level, culminating in a confirmatory practical test on the last day. You’ll be surprised and delighted at your accrued knowledge and achievements in such a short time.  

Note: This five day course involves proper outdoor work and will go ahead whatever the weather, so although a certain level of mental fortitude and physical ability is required you do not have to be superfit, just healthy and willing to get stuck in.


'I would suggest a course with Wilderness Survival skills to anybody.  The instruction is spot on, the skills taught are a great foundation for those starting out and to those who have been honing their skills for many years.  The Instructors are approachable and friendly and their subject knowledge is top notch.  I thoroughly enjoyed my time with WSS and I have used many of the techniques I learnt on the course since coming back home.  If you opt for one of their courses you will get value for your money beyond belief,  I hope to get back one day myself.'  Phil Spamel

Price per person - £545

Date - Monday 21st May - 26th May 2018

This course assembles at 9am on the first day (Monday 21st May) and finishes approximately 11am on the last day (Saturday 26th May)

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