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Shave Horse Workshop

ShavehorseThe shave horse is a wonderful woodland gadget designed to securely grip lengths or sections of timber while you work them, usually with a drawknife.  It's a clever design requiring just your hefty boot to operate the clamping jaws leaving both hands free to carve and whittle items such as wooden bows, stool and chair legs, pegs, dough bowls and spoons.  What's more, it's also a bench giving you both portable work station and a seat to sit on while working out in the woods! 

During this weekend workshop you'll be shown how to harvest all the wood needed for your horse, carve and shape the legs, seats and clamping arms then drill, split and wedge your way to a completed shave horse which you take home with you.  All the raw materials will be gathered and processed on site with the emphasis on timber selection and maximising any natural curves, shapes and features in the wood.  The wood working techniques you'll learn can be easily applied to many other green wood working projects too.

You would be welcome to bring your own wood working tools but if you don't yet have them, we'll lend you all the tools you need and provide the training in how to use them.

Date: 13th - 14th October 2017

Arrival is 7pm on the Friday evening and finish time around 4pm on the Sunday

Price: £195

PLEASE NOTE:  This course is one of our wilderness crafts workshops and is therefore a self catering course.  Please bring enough food for the duration as the base camp is quite remote and re-supply is a bit of a mission.  However, hot drinks fruit and snacks are provided and available all day.

You will have full use of our kitchen and cooking equipment and your food will be stored securely in waterproof containers or a cool box provided by us.  Personal camp fires are absolutely fine and fire wood is plentiful and free.

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