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Bushcraft Instructor Apprenticeship

Bushcraft Instructor Apprenticeship

Assistant Instructor positions available for 2012

Are you harbouring a secret desire to become a bushcraft/survival instructor? If so and you think you've got what it takes then read on. The Wilderness Survival Skills team are looking for potential assistant instructors to join us on the courses next year. Be warned, we are looking for a very special calibre of person and you will be asked to attend a pretty hardcore selection day. This will be free of charge to assistant instructor applicants who receive an invite to attend.

Here's a run down of what can be expected on the selection day. After an initial safety brief and quick tour of the local area around our fixed woodland camp in Wiltshire, it'll be over to you to complete the following tasks...

  • Make a bow drill set from locally gathered materials (you can bring your favourite bit of cord if you like) to light your cooking fire. No axes here, only knife and folding saw (your own) and you must collect all your bow drill components, tinder and kindling on site.
  • Prepare lunch for yourself only. You will be given some wild game and will need to prepare and cook it. Hand wash facilities will be available. The remaining parts of the meal must be foraged from the local area (all foraged ingredients must be checked by an instructor before cooking and should be completely intact when checked for a positive ID). You may bring only one cooking vessel of your choice to cook this meal in but will also be able to make up extra cooking equipment from local materials. Don’t worry, it’s not Masterchef but you will be expected to explain your decisions on why which plants were gathered from a wild diet perspective.
  • After this, you will have a plant identification practical test and a written test on general bushcraft knowledge.
  • You must bring four items you have made from natural materials and be prepared to stand up in front of the rest of the group to give a short talk on any one of these items - it's construction, materials and componants, it's uses and any historical information or folklore attached. The four items should preferably be something made from flint, something made from buckskin/animal hide, something carved from wood and something woven from natural plant fibres.

There will be no formal ‘interview’ as such, we should get all the info we need while you work throughout the day. There won’t be an instructor looking over your shoulder but we will be quietly assessing tool handling safety, food hygiene, economy of effort etc. We also won’t be coaching you – you’ll either be able to do the tasks or you won’t.

Selection days will be running over two dates in the New Year so if this sounds like something you feel ready to devote your free time to in 2012, please get in touch.

Good luck!

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