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Bows & Arrows Workshop

Bows & Arrows WorkshopThere can be no better mark of your skill as a woods person than the ability to craft an effective hunting weapon entirely from the woods around you using only hand tools. During these four days you will learn how to construct an ash bow from the first chop of axe into log right through to pinging arrows down the range. In learning how to carve a bow from a seasoned stave, you’ll gain a firm understanding of fine woodworking skills, timber selection and an insight into this fascinating and practical ancient technology.

We’ll also teach you several methods of string construction using authentic materials and modern too. A bow isn’t much use without the arrows so you’ll be shown how to take a hazel rod, straighten scrape and smooth it into dowel, nock it, fletch it and haft a bone, flint or metal target point in place using natural glues and bindings.

The course will be run from our woodland base camp with plenty of quiet corners to set up a tent amongst the Hazel, Ash, Birch and Oak. The materials for your projects will be harvested from these surrounding woodlands.

Price: £325 per person

PLEASE NOTE:  This course is one of our wilderness crafts workshops and is therefore a self catering course.  Please bring enough food for the duration as the base camp is quite remote and re-supply is a bit of a mission.  However, hot drinks fruit and snacks are provided and available all day. You will have full use of our kitchen and cooking equipment and your food will be stored securely in waterproof containers or a cool box provided by us.  Personal camp fires are absolutely fine and fire wood is plentiful and free.

Date:Bows & Arrows

19th - 22nd July 2018

(course begins at 10am) - Last few places remaining.

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